About Luminance Communications


Luminance Communications was founded by Dr. Brad Wallace with the goal of increasing the quality of scientific communication in the world around him. Drawing on more than 20 years of experience communicating as a working scientist, Dr. Wallace has identified the critical skills that can allow you efficiently communicate difficult technical concepts to a wide range of audiences. Dr. Wallace has developed a program to share these skills with other technical professionals.

Communication fails if no-one is listening, so Luminance Communications was created to bring the excitement back to science. Combining tried-and-true communication skills with the excitement and wonder of science and technology Luminance Communication will work with you to increase the quality of your communications and the transfer of your information to the people who need it.

We design our content with the needs of each customer in mind. Our goal is to help scientists, engineers, technologists, project managers – any technical professional – to communicate more efficiently. We work with industry, government, and academia across all subject areas and technical specialties. Whether you are a junior level engineer, or the CEO of  a company, Luminance Communications can help you get your message across.